Beta readers

Beta Readers Wanted!

We are looking for a fresh set of eyes with an analytical approach. The aim is to help the writer improve, general style and realising their vision for their book, before releasing it to the general public.


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What is a beta reader?

Beta readers are people who volunteer to read books by authors prior to publication or the release date. You do not have to be an academic and are not required to edit to replace an editor. Instead, you offer your time to read and give the author constructive criticism and share their opinions. You can make suggestions to edit if you wish but check in with the author first.

How long will it take?
Overall we require feedback within two weeks, however, should you wish to notify the author to let them know before hand and they may extend it for another two weeks. Thereafter there are no more extensions.
You can read the book in segments. We truly appreciate your time if not done in one day. however we require your honest feedback, therefore don’t feel rushed to complete the book sooner.
I am not an academic/expert can I still take part?
Anyone who loves reading between the age of 16 and above. You may be an avid reader wanting to hone your editing skills, a teacher holding literacy classes, an editor, a historical writer, a blogger, or a book critique.
Do I get paid?
If you choose to complete the book including error checks within one week, you will be offered a £10 voucher. (For UK residents only)
Will I have to give my personal details to have the book delivered?
No, we mainly require a valid email address so we can send you an e-book (PDF version)
What happens next?
Click here to complete an application form.
We will send you an email letting you know if you were successful.
If you are successful, we would send you the e-book along with the questionnaire. The questionnaire contains questions like the book’s continuity, your comprehension of the book and your reading experience.
After reading the book, complete the questionnaire be honest and specific. Avoid giving over generic feedback like ‘the book was good’. Or ‘the book is awful’.
Avoid giving over generic feedback like ‘the book was good’. Or ‘the book is awful’.
Let the writer know if you are unable to complete the reading by the due date.
once you have read the book and completed the questionnaire, we will take a look and negotiate any payments if necessary.
Happy reading!